Sevenukes is a Ukulele Orchestra based at Otford Methodist Church Hall, Otford. We rehearse every Wednesday (from 6.00pm) and the group aim to play a gig or two each term. We are unable to accept members who are under 18 years old.

What’s different about this club?
Our ukulele orchestra is slightly different to many traditional social ukulele clubs, we are a collective who all have an input when it comes to song choice, are always looking to improve our playing and enjoy playing at gigs whenever possible.

Weekly rehearsals cater for intermediate and more advanced players. The music will be aimed at mixed abilities, meaning that there will be simple chordal parts for everyone and tricky picking or rhythmic strumming parts for those who have been playing longer, have experience in a band, or want the challenge. We aim to make sure that each individual player finishes a rehearsal having learnt something, and that they finish each term having notably improved their playing regardless of their ability.

What you get as a member:
Approximately 12 rehearsals per term. We work together to share our musical experience, those people who have been playing for longer or have a deeper musical knowledge are always happy to share with others. We are currently recruiting strong (and brave!) vocalists and a percussionist.

Gigs – Previous gigs have included the Stag Theatre, Sevenoaks; Pizza Express, Maidstone and Festivals in Sevenoaks, Newnham, Whitstable and Rye. We’ve even been known to turn up unannounced! Take a look at out gigs page to see some videos and photos of our performances. These are great fun, but totally optional.

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